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We provide you with individual support on all topics relating to energy efficiency in energy management as well as CO2 management. With our software solutions Energy Monitor and CO2 Monitor, you always have an overview of your energy and CO2 balance, which you can use to identify optimization potential in your energy budget. This allows you to reduce your energy sustainably – and in many places even without investment costs!

OPTENDA, based in Stuttgart, is a subsidiary of the energy supplier Iqony.

With the Energy Monitor you can detect power wastage and thus save energy and costs.

In addition, you can optimize your production costs with the energy monitoring and create a responsible use of energy resources among your employees – and all this easily and transparently.

The software supports you with the automated recording and analysis of energy consumption and offers you the perfect tool for your energy management. The energy efficiency of your company can thus be optimized quickly and for the long term.

Energy Monitor OPTENDA

The advantages of the Energy Monitor Software

Energy Monitor software features

Features & functions of the Energy Monitor

The following overview will show you the most important functions and features of the Energy Monitor.
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Individual Dashboards

The Energy Monitor’s dashboard serves as the program’s main interface. The view can be fully customized so that the user has instant access to the most important information. Each user can choose which analysis they want to see in this section. A managing director, for example, can choose different analyses than an energy manager. There are no restrictions on the number of dashboards available.

Analysis functions

The various analysis functions in the Energy Monitor enable the detailed evaluation of energy consumption. The individual visualizations make potential savings visible directly.

        • Load curve analysis
        • Consumption diagram
        • Continuous characteristic curve
        • Heat map/grid diagram
        • Scatter plot
        • Sankey diagram

Key figures

In order to make the energy status of a company quantifiable, individual key figures can be created in the Energy Monitor. This enables the mapping of individual allocations of different consumptions in various relationships to each other, making energy consumption easier to grasp.

New key figures can be easily created using the calculation rule editor. Say goodbye to the tedious programming of Excel evaluations!

Multivariate regression analysis

With the analysis of multivariate regression, you can quickly and easily check possible factors influencing energy consumption. At the same time, the success of savings measures can be proven. The regression analysis in the Energy Monitor is based on the specifications of ISO 50001:2018.

Task management with Kanban board

The Kanban board enables the clear representation of all possible tasks that arise in energy management. This enables effective collaboration on the one hand and appropriate documentation on the other.

OPTENDA Energy Monitor Aufgabenmanagement mit Kanban-Board

Manual data capture

If not all measuring devices and meters have been digitized (yet) and therefore cannot be integrated into the Energy Monitor, the data can still be easily added manually. With the help of a QR code on the corresponding meter, which links directly to the recording screen in the software, the consumption data can be recorded manually in just a few steps.

By the way: The Energy Monitor thinks for itself: The plausibility check of the entered measured values directly checks whether an error has occurred during entry.

Manuelle Zählerstandserfassung per Smartphone mit dem Energy Monitor von OPTENDA

Automated reports

No more manually collecting individual data: The report function in the Energy Monitor compiles individual reports completely automatically. Once created, the report is then sent by the software as a PDF to the defined group of recipients at the appropriate time interval.

Simple user management

Various authorizations can be assigned to individual users for simple and effective collaboration. Depending on the task area, only the required functions are available. This is possible not only for individual users, but also for user groups.

Location-based weather data

OPTENDA Energy Monitor Analyse WetterdatenThe weather usually has a direct influence on energy consumption. In order to document such effects in the software as well, our software simply provides you with location-related weather data.

Extension of measurement and data points

OPTENDA Energy Monitor neue Zählstelle anlegenIf a new consumption point is added, it can easily be added to the Energy Monitor on its own. In addition, the number of measuring and data points is not limited. This means that there are no hidden additional costs for the expansion of licenses at a later point in time.

Alerts and notifications

If a defined limit value is exceeded in energy consumption, this triggers an alarm in the Energy Monitor that indicates it. In this way, it is possible to react immediately in case of an acute need for action. In addition, notifications can also be set up, for example for the manual reading of a metering point, so that this task won’t be not forgotten.

Live data view

Energy Monitor Funktionen Livedaten AnsichtThe current energy consumption by consumption point can be viewed in the live data.

How long does it take you to create your
CO2 balance?

Finally, an end to the arduous task of calculating CO2 balances in Excel and other spreadsheet programs: The CO2 Monitor takes care of the time-consuming data preparation and categorization for you. The software is always up to date and compliant with recognized standards, allowing for effective CO2 management. Hence, instead of wasting time compiling and categorized emissions or researching emission factors, start planning and implementing reduction measures.

CO2 Monitor: advantages & features

CO2 balancing efficient, digital and flexible

Get an overview of the advantages offered by the CO2 Monitor. The fact that CO2 balancing means too much effort to finally tackle the topic of CO2 management no longer counts as an excuse. Make your company more sustainable – the CO2 Monitor supports you on your way to CO2 neutrality.

CO2 balance by click

Once all the data has been integrated into the CO2 monitor, you can easily export the final CO2 balance as a PDF file. You can create as many balances as you need – for the entire company, for one location, for one product …

Standardized accounting

The balance is carried out in accordance with the GHG Protocol standard, the most widely used and globally recognized standard for greenhouse gas accounting. This ensures that the balance is always in line with current requirements.

More flexibility

Whether company-wide or site-specific, weekly or quarterly emissions: The reporting can be created flexibly with the help of the software.

Higher data quality

The connection to the DEFRA database guarantees that the emission factors are up-to-date. In addition, the upstream chain factors are automatically taken into account in the calculation of CO2 emissions.

Less effort

Data input works in the software via prepared forms and input fields. Manual programming of formulas, such as in Excel files or similar applications, thus is eliminated.

Safety and traceability

The standardization of the balance sheet and the database links ensure the accuracy of the data and make the origin of the allocation factors transparent.

... and many more!

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The CO2 balance in detail

All information clearly arranged

Everything is included: Structure according to the GHG Protocol

The balance sheet follows the structure of the GHG Protocol and divides all emissions into the three scopes – direct and indirect emissions of the company as well as indirect emissions along the entire supply chain. In addition, the CO2 balance contains all other relevant data, such as documentation on the used emission factors. This means the information does not have to be recorded separately or compiled in a time-consuming manner.

The standardized structure and the detailed, automatic documentation enable external verification without any problems. Such verification, carried out by independent third parties, confirms that all specifications and requirements have been met. This provides additional transparency, credibility and security, as all data has been double-checked – first by the CO2 monitor and then again by the external verification body.

CO2 Bilanz PDF Export OPTENDA Inhalt Übersicht

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